• Smells and tastes like a holiday.

    I drink like 12 cups of tea a day, peppermint, detox, chamomile, green, black, chai, you name it I’ve had it !
  • Don’t wait for cause and effect, go and cause an effect.

  • The Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

    Back in the 1960’s a doctor wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine detailing the symptoms his friends would have after eating at Chinese restaurants (headaches, fevers, discomfort). He literally called these symptoms, “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”. 

    His statement was never really questioned until the early 2000’s, and so quickly became factual in the nutrition world that everyone just kind of assumed that MSG had negative side affects. However, MSG is a natural ingredient found in most of the food we eat. For example, tomatoes have a higher amount of MSG than any other fruit or vegetable. Also, it is commonly found in aged foods, like dry aged meats or cheeses. The aging process breaks down amino acids along with MSG.

    So, there is no evidence that MSG causes any of the symptoms that we associate it with. And supposedly, MSG also makes food taste better. Our taste buds are covered in receptors that seek out MSG. It is actually an ‘excitotoxin” that changes the way our neurons react to food, kind of like salt. But… too much MSG (an abnormal amount) can overwork our neurons and eventually lead to brain cell death. So, no need to be afraid of MSG or chinese food. Enjoy it in normal quantities and you’ll be fine!

  • City mapper catapults you when in a hurry. Fancy

  • Love my salads and Brianna’s dressing is almost as good as straight bal-slaaaaamm